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The Lottery Station - About The Lottery Station.

           The Lottery Station is a lottery information website based in coastal North Carolina that was started in 2015 to provide tools, data, and analysis to educate its users about lotteries available in the USA. Coverage focuses on widely available national or multi-state lottery games with sizeable jackpots, but much of the information is also applicable to similar lottery games available only in a particular state or jurisdiction.

           Our technology, developed in-house, is designed to get the lottery results reported and analyzed within 1-2 hours of a lottery drawing. We typically e-mail our users the lottery numbers hours before the lottery itself or state/regional lottery authorities send them out. Although there is no 100% guarantee, our efforts here have proven very effective.

           Our primary development and database update server is located in coastal North Carolina. It's a Pentium 4 running Debian GNU/Linux 8 and relational database management system MariaDB. This server pulls lottery results from the lottery organizations and from our providers and pushes the updates to the live server. It also handles our mailing lists and database backup and syncronization.

           Our website's live server is located at a server farm in Chicago, IL. It's a beefy 2GHz dual processor/8-core Xeon with 256MB RAM running CloudLinux GNU/Linux and relational database management system MySQL. This server is our primary connection to you, our users. It's a top-of-the line machine that maintains an extensive database of lottery data and results spanning decades. We lease the live server space from a hosting provider.



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The Lottery Station - About The Lottery Station ~ Description: The Lottery Station has Powerball and Mega Millions numbers, results, and information. ~ Keywords: The Lottery Station, lottery results, lottery updates, lottery jackpots ~ Language: English; Also Available: Spanish

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