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The Lottery Station - Disabling Your Adblocker.

          Advertisement blocking, or "adblocking", is an important feature of many web browsers or web browser extensions, due to a plague of malicious and deceptive advertising across much of the world wide web.

          However, there are some important reasons to disable ad blocking software while visiting The Lottery Station:

          -> Our advertisements help support our site and keep us "on the air". We never use inappropriate, deceptive, malicious, interstitial, popup, pop-under, or other offensive advertsing.

          -> Adblocking can interfere with site features by mistaking some valid components of the site for ads. Especially on a data-driven site like The Lottery Station, this can lead to some features simply not working (because they are being silently blocked), with no obvious explanation.

          -> Even Adblock Plus, maker of the most popular adblocker, says "In short, if you want to support your favorite websites, you'll have to whitelist them to disable Adblock Plus on those sites."

          Most adblocker software includes a feature to "disable adblocking on this site" or "disable adblocking on this domain". For most of the popular adblockers, clicking on their icon will bring up this option. For more information, see the images below.

Turning off Adblock Plus

Turning off Adblock Plus (older versions)

Turning off AdBlock

Turning off Adblock Latitude

          Note: With some adblockers such as HPHOSTS (from and other hosts file-based products, there is no way to whitelist a site, and whitelisting individual site components is uncertain and complex. These products have a high rate of false positives (blocking not only ads but frequently entire good, trustworthy sites) and are more prone to break website features than are browser plugin solutions. We recommend that you disable or remove such a product, and that if you want to use an adblocker, you use a browser plugin-based solution such as Adblock Plus.



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The Lottery Station - Disabling Your Adblocker ~ Description: Information on how to deactive your adblocker for our site. Advertisements help support our site, and adblocking can interfere with site features. We never use deceptive or malicious ads. ~ Keywords: Disable AdBlock, Disable Adblock Plus, Disable Ad Blocker, Whitelist our site ~ Language: English; Also Available: Spanish

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