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      The Lottery Station is a US-based website that covers high-jackpot lotteries of national and world interest. Coverage focuses on Mega Millions, a lottery available in most areas of the US that has a minimum jackpot of fifteen million dollars, and Powerball1, a lottery available in most areas of the US that has a minimum jackpot of forty million dollars. Other widely-available lotteries are evaluated to be added as time permits.

      The lotteries covered here use what we call the "little white balls" format -- that is, the user buys a lottery ticket betting on certain numbers which must match numbers randomly drawn from one or more drums containing lots of balls, usually white, imprinted with possible numbers to be chosen. If all the balls that come out of the drums match the numbers chosen on your ticket for that date, you win the jackpot. If some of the balls match, you may win one of several smaller prizes ranging from $1 to $1,000,000 or more.

      The buying of the ticket can be simple and easy: You can go to a lottery retailer such as a gas station or grocery store and simply say "One Mega Millions ticket, please" or "One Powerball ticket, please". The lottery machine will randomly choose a set of numbers (known as a "quick pick" or "easy pick") and all you have to do is hand over your $1 or $2.

      For more adventurous, ambitious, or advanced players, you can get a lottery slip on which you can mark the numbers you would like to pick, and other options such as picking more than one set of numbers, choosing to play your numbers for more than one lottery drawing date ("advance play", available in most lottery jurisdictions), and optionally choosing to bet an extra dollar on a multiplier feature that increases the value of non-jackpot prizes if you win them. After filling out the slip, you hand it in at the point of sale, it is fed into the lottery terminal, and your custom ticket is printed.

      If that sounds too complicated to you and you just want to play the lottery, easy pick is probably for you. According to the folks at Powerball2, Quick Pick/Easy Pick tickets proportionally win about as often as tickets purchased with a lottery slip.

1. Powerball in the US is a multi-state US game not to be confused with the Australian game "Powerball"

2. Powerball frequently asked questions,"Which has the better chance of winning: Computer picks or player picks?"



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