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           Some features on our website are available only to registered users who sign in. Why is this necessary?

           This is both an anti-spam and privacy measure. When a user signs up for an account, we double-verify the e-mail address they provide:

     -> First, we collect the address on the sign-up form. The sign-up form is protected by bot detection technology with session profiling to identify potential abuse.
     -> Then, we send a "confirm and activate" e-mail to the address provided. This e-mail identifies the IP address and the Internet browser used for the sign-up.
     -> If the e-mail address is not confirmed and activated, no more mail is sent to that address.
     -> If you do confirm, activate, and sign up for any notifications, you can cancel at any time from our "Easy E-mail Unsubscribe" - no sign-in required, no hassle, one-click unsubscribe.

           This double-verify process assures two things:

     -> We never send you an e-mail (except the activation e-mail) unless you have asked for it and verified your address, and
     -> Someone *else* can't enter your email address and sign you up for unwanted e-mail lists from our site.

           It's our policy to never send unsolicited or unwanted e-mail. If someone else attempts to use our website to do so, they are stopped by the confirm and activate system. The only way to receive any e-mail from our website is by signing up and requesting it. This should be the standard, in our opinion.

           There are a few other reasons that we might require sign-up.

     -> We collect and store no personal information about you unless you choose to specifically provide it to us. We use the sign-up system to keep this strictly voluntary.
     -> Our site uses technology measures to reduce bandwidth and server load. For registered users, these features are relaxed a little: We use some higher quality images for registered users, which take more of our bandwidth, and we may allow access to data over a longer period of time or with more search results for our registered users, which takes more of our bandwidth and server load. The sign-up system ensures that these resources are used wisely for users who are interested.

           Signing up is easy and free. If you'd like to sign up for an account, please visit our sign-up form.

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